Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Christmas gifts finished...

In the past week I finished a couple of gifts for work friends and one for my Nan.

The first one is for my soon to be 91 year old Nan.  This is the table runner I made in my sewing class which finished up this week :(  You may be thinking this is very bright for a great grandmother but if you could see her very yellow kitchen walls you would understand the choice of colours.

A couple of weeks ago I bought, with my work friends in mind, these very cool coffee mugs that are double walled.  I thought the extra insulation was great as we rarely get through a full cup of coffee/tea while it is still hot.  Then I started thinking what am I going to give with them.

They are always so interested in my sewing so I decided to make these coasters to go with their mugs.  You can find a great tutorial from Jeni at In Color Order.  These are great for using little scraps of fabric, which I am always wondering what I'm going to do with.  I varied the quilting on the coasters to keep it interesting.  I hope they'll like them!

I will be linking up to Sew Modern Monday.