Friday, November 29, 2013

Finished up...

Over the past couple of days I have managed to complete a couple of quilts.  I am really happy how they have turned out.

This is the cutest fabric and I love the way the grey/white dot binding frames it.  They grey is more like a purple grey so it works very nicely with the pink.  

The second quilt finished is the Afternoon Tea Delight quilt from the Dessert Roll Quilt book.  The fabrics are mostly Tilda fabrics which were left over from the Marti Michell quilt.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week in review...

It has been another busy week with finishing up a couple of old projects and starting some new.

First up is a really old work in progress that is now finished.  It took so long for no other reason than, there was always something else to get done first.  I started these almost 12 months ago.

Then there are the Dresden Plates which are now hanging on the wall in my sewing room.

The most recent finish for the week is this beautiful Marti Michell BOM quilt.  It came back from the long arm quilter on Thursday afternoon and was straight home so I could add the binding.  I had the binding completed by 9am the next morning.  As you may remember from previous posts I was making this quilt for my dear Nana who is turning 92 this year.  I gave it to her on Friday and she thought it was great!!  I couldn't have been happier :)

At the last moment and because there was fabric left from the backing I made the two pillowcases to match the quilt.

The majority of fabrics in the quilt were Tilda Fabrics which are very pretty and feminine.

I used this cute pale pink gingham for the backing and had a huge rose pattern quilted across the quilt.

Next, I am still working on the quilt using the strips of fabric from the last post.  I was waiting on the white fabric, but as soon as I got that, the top was completed.  Just need to get it basted now.  It is using Folk Tale by Natalie Lymer.

I also made a start on the Afternoon Tea quilt from the Dessert Roll Quilt book.  

I cut the fabric on Monday.

I worked through yesterday and this morning to have the completed front.

I hope to have this basted tomorrow and to start quilting over the weekend.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Last few weeks, mostly in photos...

Nan's Quilt is now at the long arm quilter being quilted all over with large roses.

The binding is ready to go.

A couple of library bags and pencil cases I made for my Sister to give as Christmas presents.

Another quilt started and basted.

This is for my Sister to give as a gift so she is hand quilting around the circles and I'll finish it off when she is ready.

Another quilt started and ready for binding to be sewn down.

Quilt finished.  Another quilt for my sister to give as a gift.

I got round to making myself something.

Last week I made these to give as Christmas presents for my nieces and a friends little girl.  

I'm a little over purple though.  I thought maybe someone would be pink but all the little girls I know are into purple.

My nieces love these Frixion Pens. You can write with them and they have an eraser for correcting mistakes.  They are also starting to be used with sewing.

One last quilt for my Sister to give as a gift.  All the strips are sewn together ready for sashing.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello all

It has been a while since I've been at the sewing machine.  It has been all about studying lately.

I did find some time last week to work on a quilt I have in progress.  I am hoping to have this finished before Christmas for my dear Nana.  She has asked a few times for a quilt for the bed but I am trying to keep it a surprise for her.

The sewing room is a bit of a mess but the blocks are slowly coming together.  Only 4 blocks to go and then the task of joining them.

I managed to make something for myself this week.  With a trip away coming up I decided to make a laptop sleeve to protect the laptop while on the move.

I used a tutorial from Sew Mama Sew which was done by Elizabeth Hartman.  It didn't take long to make and the tutorial was easy to follow!

I hope to be back in a few weeks.  Only 4 weeks until exams and then I will have some time for sewing again, yippee!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finish it Friday...

I am happy to say that I have finished my Dad's Father's Day present with a few weeks to spare.

It is made from Elizabeth Hartman's Rapid City Quilt pattern. 

The colours in this quilt reminded me of the sea so I have quilted horizontal waves down the quilt.


I finished it off with a simple cross hatch fabric as the binding.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Changes on the horizon...

Sewing has been a little slow around here!  There has been a lot going on and sewing has been put on the back burner.

The reason for this is that a few months ago we were advised that our roles were being made redundant so they could be sent offshore to India.  This left me with mixed feelings as I have worked and worked hard for the company for over 17 years.  Human Resources will continue to try and source another role for me until my finish date however I have been advised that my location, Brisbane, has no opportunities.

I believe that all things happen for a reason so I have decided to look on the bright side! I have wanted to go to University for quite a few years now but it just never seemed like the right time and I was always concerned about how to fit in studying full time with working full time.  So this has provided me the perfect opportunity to follow my dreams and do a Bachelor in Education focusing on Primary School teaching.

It has been quite some time since I finished Secondary School, actually 20 years, so I am completing a Tertiary Preparation Program so that I am prepared to start my undergraduate in 2014.  I have now started this course full time and there is no time for anything other than study and work.  Hopefully once I've finished work that will give me a little to sew again.

Now for a few picks of what I have done.

I need to sew these into blocks which will become the joining blocks of my Marti Michell BOM class.
I have 60 of the four patch squares and I got the middle squares cut.  I've sewn the flying geese, 60 of each combo and now I've just got to get the 2 flying geese sew together and then I can start sewing the block together.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Latest quilt in progress...

I hope everyone is having a great week!  I have been plodding along trying to shorten my to do list.

First up was to get this quilt basted.  I use the adhesive spray and my parents big outdoor table to baste.  So much easier than crawling on the ground.

The design may look familiar, it is the Rapid City Quilt, design by Elizabeth Hartman.  You can see a previous version I made here.

The pattern fabric is the same as in the last quilt but with a different background and tree colours.  It creates a completely different feel.

Next up was completing another two blocks at my monthly (although I've missed a couple and it's more like quarterly at the moment) Marti Michell BOM sewing class.

Engagement Party block

Friendship Card block

And lastly 60 x 4 patch units which will be the corners of the alternate blocks which go between the other blocks we've been making.

I also have 60 sets of flying geese to sew which is what I'll be working on this week.  I am on track to getting this quilt assembled for a birthday/christmas present later this year.  Here's hoping that continues.

And at some stage I'll get around to quilting the Rapid City Quilt :)

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