Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Sewing Room

 I am so excited to have a room all to myself for sewing.  I can now contain my mess to one area (well maybe!) and when I finish at night just close the door on it.  Up to now the dining table has been my sewing area and each weekend I found I was having to clear it all away.

It took a little while to work out how best to set up the room.   I thought a desk with some storage was going to be the easiest way to go but when I started looking they were a tad on the small side and price on the high side. Plus the heights were lower than our dining table which I didn't think would work well when spending an hour or more cutting.

So after visiting a few furniture stores and finding nothing, I decided to try a local aid shop.  To my great pleasure I found an antique silky oak dining table.  It wasn't in the best of conditions but it had potential.  So my Dad who is always handy in this area picked the table up for me and pulled it apart so we could reconstruct it.

We have been busy working on the table all week.  Last Sunday I spent over 4 hours sanding it back to raw timber.  It was a wonderful transformation.  Silky Oak has a beautiful grain and colour.

Then yesterday we'd finished all the estapol and it was moved into my sewing room.

The rest of the room is still a work in progress but it is so great to have this space.

I made the cute tags on the front of the baskets using some old white cardboard and fabric scraps which I glued on.  

I love the silver spice jars for keeping my pins and clips all in one place.  The added bonus is that they are magnetic so they can stay on the whiteboard which I also use for keeping track of the projects I want to complete.

Now time to go back to the project list :)

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