Monday, December 31, 2012

One last finish for the year...

I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful 2013 and I hope the new year brings many wonderful times for everyone.

I am so fortunate to have one last finish for the year.  My Birds and Bees quilt is finished! Yay!

I had given it to a long arm quilter by the name of Joanne with no deadline on when I needed it (there was no big rush as it's a keeper) so wasn't expecting it back before Christmas. Joanne called the week before Christmas to let me know it was finished so of course I raced there to pick it up and home again so I could get the binding on and all done.

I am very happy with the finished quilt.  It fits over our king size bed which is going to be great in winter.  I have been trying to get a photo of it on the bed but we haven't had much sun on that side of the house.

The back was pieced from Beatrix Weave in Limeade which worked well.  The quilting was completed with a variegated green cotton that matches in very well.

There are two patterns with the quilting.  The white sashing is completed in a different pattern so it stands out.

I finished the quilt off with Cotton Couture Charcoal which makes for a great frame.

And lastly is a little review of the projects I've done since I started sewing May.  It was busy but I was having so much fun I didn't realise how many I'd done.

Have a great new years to all!!


  1. I just love that quilt - if it mysteriously goes missing, check my house ;) Great job finishing it up before the new year!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, your Birds & Bees quilt is STUNNING!! Excellent job!

    Tabatha from

  3. Great work Kirsty, they all look great. Very inspiring!

  4. Beautiful quilt!! Can you share where you got your pattern? If you so talently(is that a word? LOL) created the pattern could you please share? Maybe a tutorial in the works?
    Thanks for sharing your creations with us.
    lourdesfay at gmail dot com

  5. Your quilt is really beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Good for you for cutting right into your Birds and Bees fabric! Such a beautiful quilt!

  7. Hi Kirsty! Your Birds and Bees quilt is so beautiful! Thos colours look so delicious and I like the pattern! x Teje