Friday, November 8, 2013

Last few weeks, mostly in photos...

Nan's Quilt is now at the long arm quilter being quilted all over with large roses.

The binding is ready to go.

A couple of library bags and pencil cases I made for my Sister to give as Christmas presents.

Another quilt started and basted.

This is for my Sister to give as a gift so she is hand quilting around the circles and I'll finish it off when she is ready.

Another quilt started and ready for binding to be sewn down.

Quilt finished.  Another quilt for my sister to give as a gift.

I got round to making myself something.

Last week I made these to give as Christmas presents for my nieces and a friends little girl.  

I'm a little over purple though.  I thought maybe someone would be pink but all the little girls I know are into purple.

My nieces love these Frixion Pens. You can write with them and they have an eraser for correcting mistakes.  They are also starting to be used with sewing.

One last quilt for my Sister to give as a gift.  All the strips are sewn together ready for sashing.

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  1. You are very generous, sharing your talents with your sister. It's wonderful to have a sister! Your projects are lovely.