Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again and so soon!  The weeks just seem to be going so fast.  I am back to work next week and am wondering where the last 5 weeks have gone.

I've got a few projects I'd like to finish off this week.  I have just received the perle cotton that I'd ordered for my Loulouthi Tile quilt which was an adaptation of Rachel's tutorial at Stitched in Color.  I am looking forward to finishing this quilt off.

I have also started my first HST quilt.  So this is a nice little pile for pressing.  I'm making these into a chevron quilt.

This Mini Magoo has been waiting a while to be sewn together.  I am determined to get this off my list this week.

Then there are these, gathered clutches from Noodlehead that have been waiting to be sewn since June.  I've cleaned out my sewing room this week and found these old projects which are now sitting on my sewing table so I might get them done. But then I might not, I am scared of zippers.  I haven't had much success with them in the past.


I have started using these ziplock bags for smaller projects (they are the next size up from a sandwich bag) and are great for keeping the pieces together without taking up too much room.

And lastly I am in love with the Firefly Quilt from Canoe Ridge Creations so I have made a second one.  First one can be found here.  This one matches our sofa so I'm going to use it in the lounge room.  I am holding off on quilting this one until I get my new sewing machine.

I am so excited to be getting a new sewing machine, a Viking Sapphire 835 and all thanks to my wonderful husband.  He was actually the one who did the research, I just made a visit to the sewing centre for a demonstration and as it happened it was on sale until the end of that week.  Unfortunately, or not really, the machine is on lay by until I can pay it off.  I was jumping around after I left shop I was so excited.   I'm hoping it won't take too long to pay off with a 'new sewing machine' kitty started a little while ago.  

I'm linking up with  Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

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  1. love all your W.I.P..looking good. I love your solid colour play.. Wow, thats lovely to get a new sewing machine..Nothing like a good booster to get more sewing done isn't!

  2. Some really gorgeous projects happening there! Love your choice of colours!

    Yay for a new sewing machine - hopefully it's not too long a wait til you get it! Then you might feel brave enough to tackle those zippers ;)

  3. I loooove that poppy print from Anna Maria Horner's latest line - will definitely be using it in a quilt soon. Your Loulouthi Tiles quilt looks great - are you going to hand quilt it? I like the colours you have picked for your chevron quilt as well.

  4. Gosh you're organised! My WiP stay in a pile in the hope that they will disintegrate and I won't have to face them... LOL Looking forward to seeing your tile quilt finished, it is lovely so far!

  5. Whoa - you have a lot flying! I am loving your Firefly Quilt, great colour combo.

  6. Wow, you've done a lot! Those threads are so beautiful and your firefly quilt is really wonderful too. Hope you have a super productive week. Excited that you're getting a new machine - so fun!

  7. I love that AMH print! It'd look great with thaose pearl threads, good luck!
    Don't be so afraid of zips - they're only intimidating until you sew them a few times. Sewing multiple pouches in one sitting is enough to get you quite comfortable with it!
    Also, I use the super large (2 or 3 gallon) size ziplocks for my projects. They're large enough I can have cut pieces, quilt blocks, backing fabric, and a whole stack of fabric - all set aside for the project! I use pant hangers to hang them in my sewing room closet. :)

  8. Love the colors of your Firefly quilt. That one is on my to-do list for sure!

  9. All that pretty.

    I used to be afraid of zippers too. I jumped right in and now, not so much.

  10. Love all your projects - that Perle thread looks divine!

  11. Love the fabrics for your Chevron quilt & congrats on the new machine! Hope you are sewing on it soon! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday today - it's been fun hosting!

  12. Is your loulouthi tiles quilt made with the Field Study fabric? I look forward to seeing the finished item! Your WIPs all look very organized! Have fun with your new machine - hope you get to take it home soon :)

  13. Love the colors for your chevron quilt.